Arabic content – the next big thing

Arabic content

Arabic content – the next big thing

This year the number of Arabic speaking online users that consume Arabic content is expected to cross the 400 million mark. This is from a market that was estimated at around 2 million users at the beginning of the third millennium.

An impressive growth that is expected to continue and grow.

The problem is that the growth of the accessible quality online Arabic content is not equivalent to the user growth and the existing content is far from answering the demand when only 3% of the written internet content is Arabic content.

In comparison, the Arabic video content (mainly YouTube) has an impressive presence with about 310 million daily views and two hours of video uploaded every minute, mainly in Arabic.

In addition to all the above, the internet has opened the Arabic market to the .com western sites, that want to present themselves to the Arabic user via inserting Arabic content to their exciting sites.

Ways to produce Arabic content?

When looking at the existing Arabic content and sites on line, there is a variety consisting of the following kinds:

  •  Amateur sites that offer relatively low quality content
  • Copy/paste sites that offer non original content
  • Original high quality sites that offer original, quality content

The site builders

In the current web reality, it is very easy for every Arabic user to design and upload his own site, being a personal site, a business site, informative one or any other kind of site.

The problem is that there is no control of the content quality so the obvious outcome is a mass of low quality Arabic content sites, as the majority of users is not aware to the specific rules of producing quality Arabic content, as defined by different web authorities (Google etc.).

The content duplicators

On the other side there are a lot of content sites, not necessary only in the Arab world, that choose to produce Arabic content using a shortcut.

Finding English quality content (or in any other language) is very simple.  The variety is huge and the availability is almost endless. All a user needs to do is to translate the content and then publish it as Arabic content. Problems are that this is considered as theft, and Google detects such acts. This has serious consequences on the site and its credibility.

This leaves the scares sites that provide the net with real, original, assured Arabic content.

Insuring original Arabic content

In order to produce quality Arabic content you need to find high quality writers, define exact writing rules that comply the latest web demands and check and edit each and every article., as a leading Arabic content provider that insists on a fixed work flow that insures only original Arabic content according to the points mentioned above.

This insures Arabicontent.con clients get the high quality Arabic content to their sites.

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